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As you will see via the examples below, our experience in the area of podcasting is not just in the traditional audio based format, but also extends to the video hybrid, otherwise known as "vodcasting".

Widely popular in the USA - and made most popular by The Joe Rogan Experience - "vodcasting" incorporates the use of video in addition to audio recording, and functions in simplest terms as more of an online show. Whilst a podcast is more commonly consumed via Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc, a vodcast is hosted and consumed on a video platform such as YouTube.


The beauty of a vodcast is that it helps appeal to a wider audience base - and caters specifically to those who prefer to consume video-based content as opposed to audio-based content in the form of a podcast. In doing so, the big advantage is that it can grow your potential audience.


The demand and growth in Australia of vodcasting has exploded in recent times post-COVID, and is a surefire way to deliver engaging content to different audiences across any industry.


Whether you're looking to create an audio based podcast or vodcast from scratch, or if you're a pre-existing podcast looking to delve into growing area of vodcast, we can help you!


Dyl & Friends

Hosted by former AFL player, Dyl Buckley, the podcast invites interesting and notable guests to share their stories in a humorous and lighthearted chat, with plenty of banter mixed in as well. It’s like a hug from an old mate, it’s incredibly warm, positive, and comforting. He touches on career and life highs and lows, taps into mindset and psyche and ultimately uncovers what makes his guests happy and successful.

Creative Edge Films was brought aboard in 2020 to help transition the podcast into a vodcast, which has gone from strength to strength with 18,000+ subscribers, providing regular video content across social channels, the establishment of Patreon with exclusive content and growing the Dyl and Friends community with the creation of a Discord that brings fans together with the opportunity to regularly interact with Dylan.



With over 103,000 YouTube subscribers and counting in just over 12 months of transitioning their podcast into a vodcast, the popularity and appeal - both domestically and internationally - of the cult cricket podcast speaks for itself. Hosted by Ian "Higgo" Higgins and Sam "Pez" Perry, the boys take a light-hearted look at all of the major cricket series' from around the world.



Hosted by journalist Rohan Connolly and popular footy identity Mark Fine, they delve into each round of the AFL season with some intense analysis and entertaining banter along the way.



Whether it's the clothes you wear to work, or a metaphor for putting up a front, we all wear a uniform. But often there's a lot going on behind the uniform, and many of us are reluctant to express how we are 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 feeling. Each week on Behind the Uniform, Captain Hugo Toovey and Doctor Izzy Smith will be joined by a special guest as they talk openly and honestly about their experiences with mental health. Nothing is off limits, so prepare yourself for tears, laughter and goosebumps.